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Birth Control Options

Birth Control Options - MacArthur Medical Center

Family planning is very important. When you are considering your options and would like to consult with a doctor or nurse practitioner, call us at 972-256-3700 and we will assist you in making the decision that is right for you. You have many choices that may be confusing at times. Let us provide you with the information which will enable you to make an informed decision.

  • Condoms


    Condoms are a type of barrier contraception that physically blocks sperm, semen, and other...

  • Pill: Oral Contraception

    Pill: Oral Contraception

    There are many birth control pills on the market with different levels of estrogen...

  • IUD: Mirena or Kyleena

    IUD: Mirena or Kyleena

    The Mirena Intrauterine Device is a small, plastic T-shaped device that is inserted into...

  • Shot: Depo-Provera

    Shot: Depo-Provera

    The Depo-Provera shot is an injectable contraception that only requires one shot every three...

  • Ring: NuvaRing

    Ring: NuvaRing

    The NuvaRing is a unique form of birth control where a small flexible ring...

  • Patch: Xulane

    Patch: Xulane

    The Xulane patch contains estrogen and progesterone that is absorbed through the skin. The...

  • Natural Family Planning

    Natural Family Planning

    Most women are fertile for about 8 days each cycle. NFP is a combination...

  • Effective Up to 3 Years: Nexplanon

    Effective Up to 3 Years: Nexplanon

    Nexplanon is a progestin only contraceptive method. It is effective for up to 3...

  • Permanent: Essure

    Permanent: Essure

    Essure is a permanent birth control procedure that can be done in the comfort...

  • Emergency: Plan B

    Emergency: Plan B

    Emergency contraception is a contraceptive method women can use after unprotected intercourse to prevent...

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