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Hooked on Social Media: How One OB/GYN Uses Social Media to Help His Patients

By Dan Hinmon, Principal –– When Dr. Jeff Livingston, an OB/GYN practicing at MacArthur OB/GYN in Irving, TX, began his practice he immediately found a cause. “I was trying to address the problem of teen pregnancy in our area,” he remembers. “There were a lot of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. I was volunteering time […]

Dr. Livingston Honored with 2012 Heroes for Children Award

Irving Rambler –– Dr. Jeff Livingston, an Irving-based physician and managing partner of MacArthur OBGYN, received the 2012 Heroes for Children Award from the Texas State Board of Education for his public school volunteerism and his demonstration of character, heart and passion. Livingston, one of 15 recipients of this year’s award, received it from Texas’ […]

Doctors Use Social Media To Make Virtual House Calls

Few remember that doctors used to make house calls back in the 1940s and 1950s. But, the spirit of that service is still alive and well thanks to social media –– some doctors are embracing the online world and using it to connect to patients. As expectant mom Kristi Francisco nears her due date, time […]

Technology Brings Dad into Delivery Room via Skype

Baylor Irving’s labor and delivery unit recently hosted a high-tech delivery when patient Christina Robertson used Skype, a software application that allows users to make voice and video calls over the Internet, to share the birth of her daughter with her husband overseas. Christina is so shy she wasn’t even sure she wanted the doctor […]

HealthTap’s Social Network of 5,000 Doctors is Ready to Give Free Advice

It’s fair to raise an eyebrow when a social network for healthcare comes along, but this network just might make you raise both eyebrows in surprise: HealthTap has created a healthcare social network with more than 5,000 real-live doctors to answer patient questions. Not peers, not “experts” and not brands. Health questions aren’t posted for […]

Life-Saving Potential of EHRs Already a Realization

With all of the hoopla regarding how electronic heath records enable providers to earn incentive payments, it’s heartening to read Health Affairs’ new study that indicates meeting the computerized physician order entry (CPOE) standards for meaningful use may reduce the number of inpatient deaths due to heart attack or failure. Read more »

Meaningful Use Readiness Center

Dr. Jeff Livingston of MacArthur OB/GYN has been in private practice for 8 years. In June 2011, the clinic of seven doctors underwent the successful attestation for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use in which the practice secured $148,000 in federal incentive payments. Read more »

Surprise. It’s a…

Are you having a boy or girl? This is one of the standard questions people ask a pregnant lady. Everyone asks. It has become a kind of conversation starter. It’s not that the stranger in the grocery store really cares, but it just seems like natural thing to say. It’s part of the standard questions […]

Is There A Doctor Online? Marketing In A Regulated Industry

In 2004, Jeffrey Livingston observed his daughter using MySpace and was curious about her interactions. The Irving, Texas-based obstetrician-gynecologist asked his daughter to show him the functionality, “and then the lightbulb went off,” he explained. “I realized at that moment that I needed to speak to teenagers in the way they communicate.” Read more »

Social Media Savvy Doctors

Doctor-patient relationships no longer stop at exam room walls. Medical communication is being transformed. Doctors are tweeting. Patients are posting to medical practices’ Facebook walls. Medicine has entered the world of social media. Dr. Jeff Livingston at MacArthur OB-GYN in Irving, Texas, uses Facebook and Twitter to share the latest health news with his patients. […]