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Good Morning Texas featuring the da Vinci® Surgical System

Watch Good Morning Texas on WFAA Channel 8 as Dr. Livingston discusses the benefits of the da Vinci® Surgical System, as opposed to the traditional procedures used in previous years, enabling patients to return to normal activity in a shorter period of time.

Health 2.0: Can you have a doctor visit on Facebook?

The world of online health communities is morphing and evolving even as we sit here at our keyboards and google “flu symptoms” then tweet that we’ve got a cold. So what IS emerging from the cutting edge of online health communities? How do they differ and what do they have in common? The Health 2.0 […]

Some Doctors Join Facebook, Twitter; Others Wary

Go into any obstetrician/gynecologist’s office and you’re likely to see a large bulletin board covered with snapshots of babies. But the docs at one Irving, Texas, OB/GYN practice have taken that ubiquitous display of cute kids into the 21st century. Their patients can post photos on the MacArthur OB/GYN Facebook page, where the doctors post […]

Getting Social with Your Doctor 24/7

At seven months pregnant, Kristen Ballard is one of the nearly 19,000 patients at the MacArthur OB/GYN clinic in Irving. “When I was pregnant with my daughter, they said I needed to see a specialist and they recommended him [Dr. Jeff Livingston] and I”ve been with him ever since,” said Ballard. But, despite the size of the practice, Ballard said she doesn’t […]

Patients Speed-Dating for Doctors

Texas Health Harris Methodist is putting potential patients in a room full of doctors giving them a chance to build a relationship with someone who could be their new doctor and answer questions they may have “rather than picking their name out of a book” and actually get to know them. Dr. Sakovich is interviewed […]

The Doctor Will Tweet You Now

When Janel Wood’s 9-year-old son recently began experiencing migraines, the working mother decided to try a new company health care program that allowed her to communicate with a doctor through videoconferencing, voice over IP, and instant messaging. While her son was home for lunch, Wood logged onto a portal offered by medical plan Online Care […]

Best Facebook Medical Practice Fan Pages in America

At first discussion, many of the medical professionals I speak with don’t see the value in having a Facebook fan page.  In order to explain the benefits of these pages to physicians and practice managers I often use examples of existing pages from other practices.  Therefore, I went on a quest to find the absolute […]

Socializing Medicine

The practice of medicine as he knew it changed for Jeff Livingston, M.D., while he peered over his teenage daughter’s shoulder. A few years ago, Livingston, an OB/GYN doc, was doing outreach to local high schools by giving presentations on pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and other pressing teenage health issues. But he worried he wasn’t […]

Social Networking: A Physician’s Story

Social networking provides physicians with an effective way to communicate with patients without raising security concerns, says Jeff Livingston, M.D. In an exclusive interview Livingston, who practices with four other physicians at MacArthur OB/GYN in Irving, Texas, describes the many new ways the doctors communicate with patients. Livingston says the portal, which is attracting 50 […]

Web 2.0 and You

Dr Jeff Livingston (Twitter:@macobgyn) and I (@academicobgyn) discuss the role of Web 2.0 and Social Networking in modern OB/GYN practice.  Hear about how we use Facebook, Twitter, and other upcoming social networks to connect with our patients and the community at large. Podcast Episode 9: Web 2.0 and You from Academic OB/GYN.