Q&A with Dr. Adriana Lopez

We know you have questions about HPV and Gardasil. See what Dr.Lopez had to say in response to some of your most common questions.
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Control de la natalidad y contracepcion

¿Ya no desea más hijos? ¿Está completa su familia? ¿Está cansado de lidiar con el control de la natalidad? ¿Sabía que hay una opción permanente donde usted puede tomar el control y no preocuparse por volver a quedar embarazada?
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Dangers of Douching

While some women say douching makes them feel cleaner, there is actually very little scientific evidence of the benefit from douching. Douching can be linked with and lead to many different health problems. It is recommended by medical providers that women do not douche.
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The Power of One

Our lives are like a ripple effect. One action can make a big impact. We all have the power to make choices that affect not just ourselves but all those around us, including our future family. With our one life, let us make good choices.
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Being A Dad

The greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life was becoming a father. It is magical. It is amazing. Fathers, you are the model for your kids. They watch everything you do. They watch how you greet your girlfriend or wife, how you work, how you dress and how you talk.
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The Talk: Discussing The Birds And The Bees

Where do babies come from? What is puberty? Why do people want to have sex? Kids ask questions. They want answers. Are you ready as a parent to guide your child through the challenges? In this video we provide guidance on how to navigate through these important issues. 
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Permanent Birth Control

Are you done having kids? If you are looking for  a permanent option that is hormone free and decreases the risk of ovarian cancer then check out this video now to learn more. You have probably heard about “getting your tubes tied.” In this video we cover the basics about this simple outpatient procedure.
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4D Ultrasound: A Peek Into the Womb

Often it is said, a mother bonds with her baby as soon as she finds out she is pregnant. Today we have the unique opportunity for the whole family, including fathers, siblings, and extended families to enjoy the immediate bonding and closeness a 4D session offers.
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North Texas Medical Groups Help Harvey Victims

North Texas doctors are coming to the aid of displaced Harvey evacuees in desperate need of medical care. Many are waiving fees or treating patients, no questions asked. They say it's the least they can do to help.
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Viewing the Solar Eclipse - MacArthur Medical Center

Will the Solar Eclipse Hurt My Baby?

We are all very excited to witness something as rare as a solar eclipse but while this event has some of us rushing to find eclipse sunglasses, it can be a stressful event for pregnant women.
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