C-Sections: Truths, Myths, Facts, and Fiction

The Cesarean section (C-section) originally started around the 1600s as an alternative delivery method to vaginal delivery during childbirth emergencies. Over the centuries, there have been many advances to the point that delivery via C-section is a safe, effective, and sometimes the only way for a baby to be delivered. 

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Parenting Teenagers, Part 4

Watch the Red Flags

No question about it parenting teenagers is a tough job. This is a crucial time to make a huge impact on their lives. During adolescence, there is a natural tension between parent and child. The teen is trying to separate themselves from the parents and establish their own independence. While at the same time they want you to do their laundry. There are some specific things to watch for to make sure your teen is on the right track. These are the red flags

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Why This Doctor Decided To Follow His Own Advice

There is an old saying in Medicine, “Medice, cura te ipsum”, which in English means, “Physician, heal thyself.” This doesn’t mean that as a physician I can’t go to the doctor or that I have to perform surgery on myself. What it does mean to me is that as a physician I should set a good example for my patients, and practice what I preach. I can’t say that I have always done that.

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