Certified Nurse Midwife

Medical Education

Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX


Parkland Hospital, Dallas, TX

Perhaps it was a calling, but when Clare Ruvalcaba entered nursing, she was fortunate to find her place in labor and delivery. As she likes to say, she found that she loved being able to support women during labor and wanted to be able to work with the patients throughout their pregnancy, from beginning to end.

Originally from Austin, she and her husband moved to Dallas after she graduated nursing school more than six years ago and she’s been practicing in the area since. Clare graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor’s in nursing. After graduation, she went on to work in the labor and delivery unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where she first experienced midwifery.

As a nurse, I saw that midwifery would allow me to practice what I love, supporting women throughout their pregnancy and helping them to achieve the birth experience they desire.

The careful management and supportive presence that the midwives provided the patients at Parkland with inspired her to pursue the field and she quickly applied to and was accepted into the Baylor University school of nursing midwife program in the fall of 2010 where she graduated with her Doctorate of nursing practice-midwifery in August 2013.

I am proud that I’ve been able to help women achieve their goal of a natural birth and help influence positive change in the attitudes of my colleagues who are now more positive toward natural childbirth.

She’s proud to bring her experience to MacArthur Midwifery where she serves as the Director of Midwifery Services for MacArthur Medical Center.

During an already impressive career, at this point one of her proudest moments was bringing hydrotherapy, also known as laboring in water, to a large hospital in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The labor tub helps women achieve their goal of having a natural birth and because of it, natural birth for mothers has become something achievable with the right support and care.

One of the most gratifying things about my work is being able to support women throughout their pregnancy and welcome new life into the world.

What keeps her inspired is being able to work with patients and experiencing their diversity and culture and always getting the opportunity to learn something new from the women and the families in her care. She loves helping families have the birth experience they desire and has already helped deliver more than 500 children.

When not spending time with patients and caring for new and soon-to-be mothers, she spends as much time as possible with her husband and their two dogs. She also enjoys time in the kitchen cooking Mexican cuisine, and jogging. For her, the best places to run are the areas that make her forget she is in the city.