Our vision is to be the community leader in women’s and pediatric health. Through technology and teamwork we empower women and educate children. We are a trusted partner who embraces diversity and fosters a culture of respect and loyalty treating the whole person with innovative excellence.

Why We Serve



Care Deeply

We practice, Compassion. Our patients’ well-being is our top priority. This is our community where everyone matters; all patients are important.


Be Accountable

We practice, Integrity. Even when no one is looking, we do the right thing. We are fair, we are honest, we take responsibility, we keep our promises.


Grow Together.

We practice, Teamwork. Our culture honors communication and dedication. We celebrate and value our team; every day they make MacArthur Medical Center a top organization in a top space.


Think Differently.

We practice, Innovation. Our team’s unwavering commitment to learning, educating, and continuing to improve elevates standards. We use technology, our collective intelligence, and out of the box thinking to improve outcomes.


Expect More.

We practice, Excellence. We consistently provide an outstanding patient experience, from how we answer the phone to how our patients feel when they are being treated. Our team is trained to focus on warmth, respect, and service.