Physician Assistant

Medical Education

Lincoln Memorial University, DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, Harrogate, TN

Job shadow programs can make a very real and lasting impact on our youth, which, as a result, may impact thousands of lives in the future because of the effect the experience has on the student doing the shadowing.

Erica Hutchins, PA, can speak directly to the importance of such a program and its impact on her life. Having grown up in a family surrounded by women in medicine, she always looked up to them: Her mom being in physical therapy; her aunt an OB/GYN. When she earned the opportunity to shadow her aunt through her practice, watching her take care of patients, Erica was mesmerized by what she saw – experiencing relationships with patients and watching as the two connected even despite varying backgrounds, languages and culture. From the moment she witnessed such care, she fell in love with the patient and caregiver experience.

I loved that my aunt was able to help people through such incredible milestones of life. I knew at that point that I ultimately wanted to be in the women’s health field, too.

I love getting to know my patients and learning about their background and what brought them to where they are now,” she said. “I love the opportunity to be here for women and everyone I work with, when they need help or need advice.

Building relationships with patients and seeing them through positive and even challenging experiences is why she practices now; it’s the reason for her passion for serving. Her primary goal here at MacArthur Medical Center is to establish trust with her patient so that the women she treats feel as if they can open up about anything related to their lives and health, and work through it together.

I enjoy that, as a PA, I can take time to educate patients and explain things thoroughly to them, and I strive to make sure that I am clear in explaining medical concerns so that my patients feel like they are fully equipped with information they need to make educated decisions about their health.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, she attended Ohio State University for her undergraduate program, focusing her attention on exercise science and nutrition before relocating to Harrogate Tenn., where she attended Lincoln Memorial University studying at the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, receiving her masters in physician assistant studies. She graduated with from this program in 2016.

She’s since relocated to the Metroplex, joining MacArthur Medical Center.

Living in her new home state has meant the opportunity to explore and meet new people. She loves the diversity of DFW. When not serving patients, she spends time with her husband and their family, as well as with her church community at Church at the Cross in Grapevine. A native Ohioan, she loves watching Buckeye football, playing golf and spending time with friends.