Healthcare needed a shove to throw out our fax machines

Healthcare needed a shove to throw out our fax machines and use new tools to improve our lives and the care we provide. Covid-19 converted digital health into a necessary survival tool for healthcare companies. It’s no longer a luxury.

Medical practices and hospital systems actively promote Telehealth services. Remote diagnostic tools and home patient monitoring services proliferate. Fitbit and My fitness pal are just the beginning. Integrating the collected data into a patient’s medical record is next.

Electronic health record systems, static for years, are now integrating artificial intelligence technology changing physician workflow and documentation at breakneck speed.

Big Tech like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are joining the disruption party. The CommonPass app allows iOS and Android users to share their lab results and vaccination records. Billionaire Mark Cuban plans to fix the pharmaceutical industry.

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Blog Author: Dr. Jeff Livingston 

Main Blog Photo By: Andrey Suslov Istock by Getty