We are MacArthur Medical Center

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. At least that’s what MacArthur Medical Center ob/gyn physician, Dr. Sakovich said to staff and providers while deciding whether to open offices for patient visits.

Nothing stops MMC from caring for their patients.

It’s no surprise to anyone that the Dallas Fort Worth area has suffered through a historic winter weather event that has left millions without power, heat, or clean running water. When the weather forecast turned grim the week prior, MMC’s Operations and Clinical Teams joined forces and came up with a game plan that put patient care first.
“There is nothing more important to us than patient care. We understand that babies don’t stop coming, and that people still need us, even when the weather gets bad.” Said Dr. Jeff Livingston, Ob/Gyn at MMC.
Making sure MMC patients were cared for included a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Over the course of the past week the Operations Team had over numerous phone calls with providers and team members, sent hundreds of text messages – beginning early in the morning and not ending until sometimes close to midnightm – and braved dangerous roadways.
While sometimes challenging, the rise of technology in healthcare has helped us a lot this week. Telemedicine provided MMC the opportunity to continue to see patients, even when we couldn’t get them into the office. Some providers called patients from their homes or hotel rooms as they struggled with the same power and water issues as the rest of the community.