Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) are registered nurses, many of whom have previous nursing experience in labor and delivery, who have pursued advanced nursing education in nurse-midwifery and obtained either a master’s or doctorate degree. These providers then pass a national certification exam and have a license to practice midwifery in their state. They care for low risk women during pregnancy and childbirth and are advocates for minimizing intervention during this normal process. These midwives are also skilled at recognizing complications that may arise during pregnancy and have a relationship with a physician to co-manage women needing more specialized care.

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As a midwife I talk to many expectant mothers about their plans for the birth of their baby. Obviously, the most important goal is always to have a healthy baby and a healthy mom, but there are many other aspects of the childbirth experience that are also important to expectant moms. Most women hope for a vaginal birth, and in most cases vaginal birth is the most ideal and safest route of delivery for both mom and baby. Women want to have immediate skin to skin contact with their baby when he or she is born. Not only is this a touchy feely bonding experience for moms but it also can help regulate baby’s temperature, glucose levels, and help with initiation of breastfeeding. Women also want their partner to be involved in the birth by providing physical and emotional support. And cutting the umbilical cord is like a rite of passage for a new dad.

There are situations where cesarean section (C-section) is or becomes the safest route of delivery. While they are still meeting the goal of having a healthy baby, women faced with a C-section many times feel grief over missing out on the other aspects of childbirth that they would experience with a vaginal delivery.

In the case that a C-Section is or becomes necessary, there are still ways to incorporate some of the benefits associated with a vaginal birth. The Family Centered C-Section technique helps to make the experience positive for mom and baby as well as safe. This technique involves slowing the delivery of the baby through the incision in order to allow for squeezing more fluid out of the baby’s lungs (Similar to vaginal birth). Women who are interested can even have their heads lifted to see their baby being born. Moms can also experience immediate skin to skin contact and have their partner cut the umbilical cord.

MacArthur Midwifery provides the Family Centered C-Section option to our patients. We are excited that one mom has generously shared her experience with us, describing the birth as “healing”. If you would like to see what a Family Centered C-Section looks like, follow this link to her birth slideshow (Password: MatthewMichael). WARNING: there are shots of surgery, etc.

Childbirth happens every single day but each experience is unique and different. I always say “There is not one right way to have a baby”. If the right way for you is a C-section, schedule a time to talk to us more about the Family Centered C- Section option.

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The MacArthur OB/GYN Childbirth classes are hosted right here at MacArthur OB/GYN in the main waiting room. These classes are a short series of 3 sessions that will give you key information about your pregnancy, labor and birth.
  • These classes are specifically designed for any pregnant woman who is greater than 28 weeks (7 months) and her partner/labor coach and is limited to the first 25 couples who sign up!
  • Most importantly, this service is FREE to all MacArthur patients!
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The literal definition of midwifery is “with women.” Midwives are “with women” from puberty to menopause and beyond. A common misconception is that midwives provide care only to pregnant women. However this is untrue. Midwives can assist with concerns during puberty, contraceptive counseling, well woman exams, and premenopausal symptoms as well post-menopausal symptoms. While routinely midwives care for the low-risk patient population, the collaboration between the midwives and physicians at MacArthur Midwifery/OBGYN allows for midwives at our practice to provide and care for high-risk pregnancies as well as low-risk pregnancies. It allows for women to choose between natural childbirth or analgesia during labor, laboring in a bathtub or ambulating, delivering in stirrups or in various positions. Midwives can also first assist during cesarean sections so that if a patient requires a cesarean section, they are able to remain with them and help transition into this new plan.
There are different levels of midwives. Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses (who have completed an undergraduate program) and then furthered their education through a rigorous master’s or doctorate prepared program and then took the board exam to have the title of of certified nurse midwife (CNM). Certified professional midwives (CPMs) go through a training school and take an examination to become CPM. While the title “midwife” applies to both, CNM’s (like our midwives at MacArthur OBGYN) have more advanced training and are able to practice in the hospital setting.

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