What Happens at my first Prenatal visit?

The first prenatal visit can be both an exciting and anxiety-filled event for patients. Here’s what to expect.

  1. Paperwork: If you are a new patient to the office or it’s been over 1 year since you’ve been seen, you will likely have to fill out paperwork about your past medical history, surgical history, pregnancy history, current medications, etc.
  2. Sonogram: Depending on your provider, you will likely get an ultrasound prior to your visit to help us confirm the pregnancy and evaluate how far along you are.
  3. Check your vital signs – blood pressure, height, weight, and pulse.
  4. Meet with your provider and have questions addressed. Your provider will also review your history with you and discuss any medication changes that you may need.
  5. Have a physical exam, this will likely include a pap smear, unless you are already up to date on it.
  6. A urinalysis and screening for gonorrhea and chlamydia is collected.
  7. You may have some blood work depending on how far along you are. This could include:

a. Blood type
b. CBC – Complete Blood Count
c.. Creatinine – Measure of kidney function
d. Fasting Glucose – to screen for possible diabetes
e. HIV
f. Syphilis
g. Hepatitis B/C
h. Screening for immunity to Rubella
i. Genetic Screening – There are many different types of genetic tests that can be done which your doctor will go over with you. Typically the most basic ones will screen for increased risk of Down Syndrome, Neural Tube Defects, and Trisomy 18 . For more information on genetic testing click here https://macarthurmc.com/abnormal-chromosomal-screening-will-my-baby-have-down-syndrome-2/
j. You will schedule a follow-up appointment between 1-6 weeks, again depending on how far along you are and your sonogram findings.