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Moms Pass Protective Antibodies to Baby After Coronavirus Infection

Two new studies show pregnant people who’ve had Covid-19 pass protective antibodies to babies. Read more

Do You Want to See What Covid-19 Vaccination Looks Like?

Finally, there’s a turning point in the pandemic. Read more

Vaccine Refusal Will End When Businesses Start Telling People No

Marketplace solutions, not government actions, will likely get us to herd immunity. Read more

Are we becoming numb to the loss of lives associated with Covid-19?

Today, we reached 23.3 million U.S. Covid-19 cases. 388,700 Americans have died. We can not become immune to the tragic loss of life. Read more

Texas Proporciona Una Herramienta úTil Para Las Vacunas de COVID Para Personas Mayores

El departamento de salud del estado, publica un mapa que muestra las ubicaciones de los proveedores de la vacuna COVID-19. Read more

Texas Provides a Useful Tool For Senior Citizens Covid Vaccinations

The state health department releases a map showing locations of COVID-19 vaccine providers. Read more

Here Is More Good News for Pregnant Women With Covid-19

COVID-19 is a new Coronavirus. Physicians and researchers have learned a lot this past year, but new information continues to be known. While there are things that are yet to be discovered in the fight against COVID-19, there are steps you can take to stay safe while still enjoying pregnancy, such as: hold an online or virtual baby shower! Encourage friends and family to shop from an online registry like Amazon Registry. Read more

Join the #vaccinechallenge

One by one, our MacArthur Medical Center providers are protecting themselves, their patients, and their communities by getting the Covid-Vaccine. Read more

Covid-19 Moms at Higher Risk for Preterm Labor, Study Suggests

An OB-GYN reviews the latest coronavirus research in pregnancy. Read more

Pregnant women were not included in Covid-19 vaccine trials

Pregnant women were not included in Covid-19 vaccine trials. Read more