Melissa DeMasi - Nurse Practitioner


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Medical Education

University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Melissa DeMasi, RN, CPNP-PC was raised by a family of caregivers – her mother also was a nurse and her father a respiratory therapist – so she was exposed at a young age to conversations about healthcare, caring for patients and helping others achieve their health goals. Those conversations sparked her interest in care and drove her passion for providing for others who were ill, especially children.

I have always enjoyed helping people, and children, especially when they were ill.

And from the first day of her clinical rotations at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles it became clear to her how she wanted to spend her career as a nurse: she wanted to work with families and children. From that day forward that’s exactly what she’s done.

I practice pediatrics because I enjoy caring for kids and know the time I take with my patients will make a difference. The most gratifying thing about my job is seeing my patients grow from babies to young people.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, she received her Baccalaureate degree from Mount Saint Mary’s College in 1996, and a Master’s degree from the University of California in Los Angeles. She’s been a registered nurse since 1996 and she received her nurse practitioner credentials in 2002.

DeMasi’s specialty is adolescent medicine; she enjoys it especially given children’s unique development and healthcare needs.

She takes the “child/provider” relationship very seriously, and as a mother of two, knows that it’s a privilege to care for others during their times of need. As a mother, she’s more sensitive and cognizant of the responsibility of care her patients entrust her with and she doesn’t take this trust for granted.

I have learned that there are unique needs for every parent or child that I come into contact with.

My greatest indicator of success is when a child or parent thanks me for the positive impact that my practice has on them personally.

The most rewarding aspect of her work is the opportunity to care for different types of patients.

I do enjoy caring for the underserved as I feel like they are at a disadvantage in regards to healthcare and access and being that I am bilingual, I feel like that helps open the lines of communication and comfort level, therefore, making access to care easier.

She moved to Dallas from Los Angeles in January 2005 with her husband and first daughter making the decision after attending a conference here back in 2003 and becoming amazed at the friendliness of the city’s people, its diversity and its “vastness.”

When not practicing, Melissa spends the majority of her free time with her own family and her church family. She’s also keen on traveling, reading a great book, doing a little shopping and enjoying time out with friends.