Trick or Treat?

I definitely say go for the treat! This is a special time of year. Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays. This is a family affair for us and we all look forward to a great evening of fun. We all gather at my house, enjoy a quick meal, then help the kids get into their costumes. The ladies pound the pavement with the kids, going from door to door, while the guys dole out the candy and watch some sporting event. After our trek around at least 3 blocks, we head home with the anticipation of my next favorite activity…checking out the goods the kids collected! This is just as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids as we all sample our favorite treats.

In everything we have discussed so far, moderation is the key. As Dr. Livingston states, “there isn’t much fun in a snack-sized candy bar!” Even those harmless looking small-sized treats can have 100 calories or more per treat. However, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the collected goods. Ten minutes of brisk walking burns approximately 35 calories. My kids usually lose interest in their candy in about a week or so. It is then quietly disposed of, either brought to the work place for consumption or thrown out.

Here are some tips to help everyone through this holiday.

  • Before trick-or-treating, provide your kids with a meal or a healthy snack to avoid over eating the candy when they get home
  • Keep tabs on how much they eat when they get home
  • Don’t keep the candy around the house too long. Throw it away or give it away.
  • Keep candy out of reach and out of sight so you can control when they indulge
  • Try dividing candy into small portions and put in small plastic bags so portions are controlled
  • Don’t buy candy too early. It is too tempting to break open that bag.
  • If your weakness is not what your child brings home, but what is left over after the ghosts and goblins have gone home for the night, try buying candy that is your LEAST favorite
  • Try alternatives to candy: pencils, stickers, nuts, popcorn, etc.
  • We exchange the bubblegum for other choices that are not so hard on the teeth

This is a special night. It is about family. Enjoy…then get back to the treadmill and your routine.