We Create Magical Moments When We Read with Our Kids

The power is not in the book but in the conversation.

When you fall in love with the process, you will love what the process creates.

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We need to talk to ourselves instead of listening to ourselves. We can feed ourselves with words of encouragement. We need to believe.

Regression-Adjusted Daily Family Psychological Well-being, Work, and Work Disruptions Pre- and Post–COVID-19 Restrictions

I share my own experience battling self-doubt leading our medical practice through the pandemic. Our patients’ and employees’ futures depend on the decisions we make. During any crisis, the responsibility falls on leaders’ shoulders. I feel the weight of the world. Self-doubt is normal, yet the inevitable imposter syndrome rears its ugly head.

We head to the final section of the book. The carpenter teaches Michael the value of living your life’s purpose. Lucia stops reading and asks me if I knew my life’s purpose. While surprised by the question from a ten-year-old, I answered without hesitation. My personal mission statement “is to become the best version of myself to have the maximum impact on others.”

We connect. We share. We learn from each other.

Reading with children is not about books. The time together is an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with the ones we love the most.

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Blog Author: Dr. Jeff Livingston 

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