Medical Education

University of Miami’s Medical School, Miami, FL

Dr. Reshma Patel is from just south of here — born and raised in Cleburne – so for her, this is a special place to be. The community MacArthur serves is diverse, compassionate, lively and friendly – attributes that she loves – making for an excellent place to start a medical career.

This is a great place for me to learn, grow and mature into the physician I’ve spent my life training for and dreaming of. As a member of the MacArthur team, I’m able to establish trusting relationships, long-term with patients, as well as have the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced caregivers anywhere in the Metroplex.

Patel completed her undergraduate coursework at Tulane University in New Orleans then attended the University of Miami’s medical school before returning to Irving. She serves at the Director of Healthcare Transformation at MacArthur Medical Center.

She understands the need for hands-on care and is committed to counseling and empowering her patients with the knowledge they need to take the best care of themselves and their families. In fact, her approach to care is one of the primary reasons she joined MacArthur staff.

The caregivers here are some of the hardest working people I’ve met in my life, who are deeply caring, satisfied by nothing but the best for their patients and are fun to be around. Like me, they enjoy, and in many ways feel called, to educate and serve our patients and guide them toward the best possible healthcare outcomes.

Patel’s specialties include obstetrics, contraception, preventive healthcare and menopausal care. Professionally, her goal is to achieve the respect of all her patients and to be the most compassionate and able caregiver they have ever worked with.

When not practicing, Patel loves to explore the city she calls home, digging into its diversity and learning about other cultures. She also loves to read (To Kill a Mockingbird is a favorite), traveling, cooking, crafting, taking in the latest film and spending time with close friends, and as a loving daughter, being close to family.