20th Jun 2019

Mental Framing

Placing a picture in a frame changes the way we view the image. The same is true for our thoughts and feelings. The way we frame a situation in our mind changes the way we interpret it.
21st Mar 2019

Dangers of Douching

While some women say douching makes them feel cleaner, there is actually very little scientific evidence of the benefit from douching. Douching can be linked with and lead to many different health problems. It is recommended by medical providers that women do not douche.
18th Mar 2019


Nexplanon is simple and easy with 3 year protection.
18th Oct 2018

4D Ultrasound: A Peek Into the Womb

Often it is said, a mother bonds with her baby as soon as she finds out she is pregnant. Today we have the unique opportunity for the whole family, including fathers, siblings, and extended families to enjoy the immediate bonding and closeness a 4D session offers.
Viewing the Solar Eclipse - MacArthur Medical Center
21st Aug 2017

Will the Solar Eclipse Hurt My Baby?

We are all very excited to witness something as rare as a solar eclipse but while this event has some of us rushing to find eclipse sunglasses, it can be a stressful event for pregnant women.
Allied Health Professionals - MacArthur Medical Center
22nd Jun 2017

Allied Health Professionals: What Are They and Why Should I Care?

Many people think the only person that can provide medical care in a doctor’s office is their doctor. This is a common misconception, as nowadays, there are many different healthcare providers that work together to provide you better care. In our office...
20th Jun 2017

5 Secrets to a Healthy Vagina

All women should be concerned about their vaginal health. There are many suggested tips you can follow to provide a healthy vaginal environment. Here are several.
Labor Pain: Should I Get an Epidural - MacArthur OBGYN
24th May 2017

Labor Pain: Should I Get an Epidural?

Pain relief during labor is a huge question that weighs on any expectant mother’s mind. No one likes pain and the mere anticipation of labor pain is a scary thought for most. I make it a point to review all pain relief options with all of my pregnant patients prior to delivery. One of the most common questions...
Urinary Incontinence
9th May 2017

12 Fast Facts About Urinary Incontinence

These 12 fast facts 12 about urinary incontinence is helpful for understanding.
Menopause: Am I Crazy?
5th May 2017

Menopause: Am I Crazy?

As you approach menopause, has this question crossed your mind? Many patients feel that they may be going crazy as their hormones become unbalanced or as the common phrase says "out of whack". It may be...
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