Medical Education

UT Southwestern School, Dallas TX

Originally from Waco, Texas. Anne Fuller became fascinated with medicine working as a social worker for five years in office clinics. Anne knew studying medicine would fulfill her role to treat patients’ health and mental health.

As a social worker, Anne organized conferences to educate providers and mental health professionals on diversity, cultural competence and overcoming language barriers when working with patients.

Anne graduated from UT Southwestern Medical Center in February 2021. During her medical education, she was able to be part of TAPA, which allowed her to represent UTSW and the voice of the physician assistant program.

Women’s health was the choice for Anne. Building a long-term relationship with the patients during the various stages of life, such as a gynecology visit or supporting them during pregnancy, Anne is here to serve her patients.

” Building partnership with the patients and getting to know them helps me understand their needs and provide them with the best care by assisting them to feel empowered in their health journey.” 

Anne loves to spend time with her husband and her pets, Marco & Polo; During her free time, she also enjoys walking her dog, biking, and cooking. Anne is a current Lake Pointe White Rock church member.

Welcome Anne to MacArthur Medical Center.