Grapevine Mustang’s Summer Champion Course Opens for Boys and Girls Grades 7-12

Strength and conditioning training to help student-athletes get in shape. Read more

Tinder and the White House Want You to Swipe Right on the Covid-19 Vaccine

Cabin fever is kicking in. It turns out that staying home and being alone is harder than we thought. Dallas’ own Match Group announced a public health partnership with the Biden White House to help promote Covid-19 vaccination across its portfolio of dating apps. Read more

Dallas Rep Toni Rose Fights for Medicaid Extension After Having a Baby

Her Texas Bill extends Medicaid coverage for one year postpartum. Read more

Opelika, Alabama Representative Gets Public School Yoga Ban Lifted But Don’t Say Namaste

Democratic State Representative Jeremy Gray from Opelika, Alabama, can add another victory on his scorecard. The former college football star’s three-year battle to lift a 27-year-old ban on Yoga in Alabama schools ends in the WIN column. His legislation was signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey this week. Read more

Covid Sniffing Dogs At Work At Miami Wine and Food Festival

Man’s best friend helps us learn to live in our new normal. Read more

Dallas County Reports First West Nile Virus Positive Mosquito Trap

It’s Mosquito season. Time to take precautions against another virus. Read more

University Of Miami Researchers Link Erectile Dysfunction to Penile Damage from Covid-19

Medical researchers from the Department of Urology at the University Of Miami Miller School of Medicine have uncovered the ultimate motivation for men to get vaccinated against Covid-19. A new study shows long-term damage to the penis long after Covid-19 infections. Read more

Dallas Church Hosts Covid-19 Vaccine Day

It’s great to see churches help combat vaccine hesitancy. Read more