International Maternity Service in Texas

Interested in having your baby in the United States?

We offer a maternity and delivery service for our international patients who desire to have their baby in the United States, and who desire to enjoy the superior medical care we offer.

We are Macarthur Medical Center, a group of obstetrician- gynecologists and pediatricians located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of ​​Texas. We offer a maternity and delivery program to anyone who wants to give birth in the United States. We offer a package which includes:

Photos of the Hospitals

Our goal is to offer the highest quality medical service and individualized personal attention for you and your baby.

We proudly provide our medical services in beautiful Dallas-Forth Worth, a metropolitan area with extensive economic and cultural growth and with many options for shopping, entertainment, and recreation for the whole family.

Is it illegal to have my baby in the United States?

No. It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain the legal documentation before entering the United States. With respect to your baby, American law guarantees the right to citizenship to those born within the country.

Can I lose my Visa if I have my baby in the United States?

No, as long as you cover the cost of your medical services. If you do not pay the cost or require government assistance, the hospital can report your account and this may cause you to be denied visa renewal in the future.

Can I travel while pregnant?

Yes, but we recommend doing so at least four weeks before the expected date of delivery. If the pregnancy is high risk, we may recommend you come even earlier to manage these risks so that we can assure you get the best medical care.

How long do I need to stay in the United States after the birth?

Most pediatricians recommend that a baby should be a week old before traveling by plane, and the doctor may recommend more time in case of any complication.

I'm not pregnant, however I am in need of gynecological services. Do you provide these services?

Yes, we gladly offer all types of gynecological services and surgeries to our international patients.
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Macarthur Obgyn office visits and vaginal delivery


Macarthur Obgyn office visits and C-section


Obstetric labs





Prices vary depending on the hospital. For details, contact us at 972-715-5080.

Hospital Charge

Depending on the hospital and if the delivery is vaginal versus C-section. We will facilitate your contact with the hospital on your arrival. The options of hospitals for delivery are as follows:

THR Harris HEB in Bedford

Phone: 817-848-4000

Medical City Las Colinas in Irving


Baylor Scott and White in Irving

Phone: 972-579-8100

Macarthur Obgyn Gynecology consults and surgery – Prices vary depending on the procedure. Please contact hospital for further details on hospital pricing.

*Certain labs and tests are required during your prenatal care in the United States. If you do not have these tests completed, we will need to do so on your arrival. To avoid the costs associated with repeating these tests, please complete them in your country and bring all records to your first visit with us.

Below are the required tests, however other tests may need to be completed on your arrival if any other complications of the pregnancy exist.

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