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Menopause: Am I Crazy?

As you approach menopause, has this question crossed your mind? Many patients feel that they may be going crazy as their hormones become unbalanced or as the common phrase says “out of whack”. It may be you or your husband or other family members that notice it first, but at some point you may ask yourself this question.

As women age and approach 50 years old, which is about the age of menopause, they began having symptoms which include night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, skin dryness, painful intercourse, and just feeling like they are in a fog all day long. Symptoms of menopause can occur as much as 10 years prior to the actual event, which is usually at age 51. You may have only one or two symptoms, or you may have a group of symptoms, all related to hormone imbalance. Your kids may not want to be around you much, and your husband may look at you and say “honey, I think you need to go to the doctor. You are acting really weird! Are you OK?” And of course, that is when you ask yourself “am I crazy?”

The answer to that question is obviously a resounding “NO!” But, you still feel like it. The good news is that there is help for this problem. There are at least six different hormones that can affect you physically, emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically. These include: estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, and the two components of your thyroid, T3 and T4. All it takes is coming to the office and having blood drawn, which takes about a week to get the results back. We then sit down together and go over your symptoms, and the test results. I can then tell you exactly what your deficiencies are in the hormone range, and prescribe exactly what you need. It takes about two weeks for the hormones to get into your bloodstream and began working, as your tissues have been without these hormones for some time. Once you start feeling better, your family will like you again and you will actually like your family again. The key to this is to follow-up in three months with lab work drawn again to make sure that your levels are getting close to normal.

There is no reason to put up with this any longer when natural, bio identical hormones are available from local compounding pharmacies. All it takes is your first step, which is coming to the office. There is help available, and you don’t have to think that you are crazy.