It’s a Small World After All

Coronavirus in a world of hope and fears

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Confused About “Shelter in Place”? Read This

A doctor explains the current coronavirus advice once more, for the people in the back

Stay at home and shelter in place. These are our instructions. Dr. Anthony Fauci from the NIH has advised us to stay at home. Read more

What Pregnant People Need to Know About Coronavirus

An OB-GYN summarizes the coronavirus advice for pregnant and nursing parents

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Should I go the Emergency Room / ER?

Why It’s Crucial to Avoid the ER If You Can

With the news regarding COVID-19 changing hourly, many are asking what the criteria are to visit an urgent care facility, such as an emergency room. Dr. Livingston has posted a public service message about guidelines for visiting Emergency Rooms.


MacArthur Medical Center is hard at work during this difficult time in our country. Our patients and our staff are our top priority. A number of public school districts in north Texas are announcing a two-week closure to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We understand the stress and anxiety this causes all of us. We are collaborating with state and county health officials to provide the most updated information and guidance. The ongoing issue continues to be a lack of access to testing due to a lack of supply of test kits, and clinics and hospitals continue to have a limited supply.

According to the WHO, 80% of those that contract Covid-19 will have a mild illness that can be managed at home. The hospital emergency rooms are being overrun and should only be recommended for truly sick patients whose symptoms warrant hospitalization. Please note we will ask screening questions prior to your appointment according to CDC guidelines. The goal is to minimize infectious contact with other patients, staff, and providers. During this crisis, we ask that you come to your appointment alone, if possible. Family members should stay home to minimize the number of people passing through the office. We must minimize potential exposure to our pregnant patients. 

We ask each of you to do your part to help prevent the spread of disease by staying home and limiting your attendance at social gatherings and large public events. Wash your hands regularly and isolate yourself if you begin experiencing symptoms like flu-like symptoms, fever, sneezing, or coughing.

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