Our Immune System Response is Key to Coronavirus

A doctor summarizes what we can do to boost our immune system.

The resulting “damage” or inflammatory response is worse in the elderly and those with chronic underlying medical conditions, especially those with heart, lung, and immune system problems. Smoking is also a risk factor. Men respond worse than women to Covid-19.

We must prevent the spread and spread out the infection rate over time. This allows the population to develop some immunity against the virus. We are all doing our part to stay at home; at least those of us that can. We are being extremely diligent about handwashing and not touching our faces. We are trying to keep our family safe by staying away from our grandparents and other family members. They could potentially get sick if they were to be exposed.

If you choose to take Vitamins or supplements, do not exceed the recommended dose. Taking vitamins and supplements in larger than recommended doses can cause harm.

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Vitamin B3 is a brand new development and not enough time has passed to determine the optimal dosing regimen. We can not consider it an evidence-based recommendation. We do not believe a daily B3 supplement is harmful.

Stay home. Wash your hands. Limit contact with others. Help flatten the curve.

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This article was contributed by MacArthur Medical Center’s Dr. Rebecca Gray. Thank you to Dr Jeff Livingston for reviewing and editing.

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