New Study Shows Covid-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy Are Safe for Mom and Baby

CDC director recommends pregnant people get vaccinated. Read more

Celebrate the modern medical miracle that is immunization: It’s National Infant Immunization Week!

Most of us here at MacArthur Medical Center are parents, and as parents we would do ANYTHING to keep our children safe. One of the most important things we can do to protect our children, even when we’re not with them, is to ensure that they are properly immunized on time and in compliance with the immunization schedule set by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Read more

Busted! Explaining common vaccine myths

Flim-flam, woo, pseudoscience … there are many names for wrong information. In this article we are going to tackle a real beast, a scary monster that roams the World Wide Web and makes its way into all corners of our communities – Vaccine myths! *screams*

I spent some time snooping the Facebook comment sections and pages sporting vaccine misunderstanding, misinformation, and myths. Here are some of the most common myths and the reasons why you shouldn’t believe them.

I got the flu vaccine and got the flu from it!

No you didn’t. The flu vaccine does not contain the live flu virus and you cannot get the flu from it. Ever. Period. What may be happening to people is they have an immune reaction (which means the vaccine is working) to the shot and are showing minor symptoms such as redness or soreness at the injection site, fever, aches and pains. This is not the flu. It is also possible that people are literally sick with something (another virus like the common cold, perhaps) and it just so happens to coincide with the time they get a vaccine – in their minds the vaccine caused the sickness.

I have never gotten the vaccine (for anything) and haven’t been sick.

Lucky you! Most people get sick at some point in their lives. The flu, COVID, measles, whatever it might be, you’re not only more likely to get sick without the protection from the vaccine, but you are more likely to spread it to others – like the sweet elderly gentleman across the street, or the newborn baby who hasn’t received their full vaccine schedule yet. They may not be so lucky as to never get sick.

Many vaccines contain chemicals and toxic ingredients.

This is actually kind of true, but it’s not bad. First, everything is chemicals – water is a chemical called Dihydrogen Monoxide – you are chemicals, I am chemicals, the air is a chemical. Secondly, everything is technically toxic. All chemicals (which is everything) is toxic at certain doses. So, yes, water is toxic if you drink too much. Vaccines do contain ingredients such as arsenic and formaldehyde – those are in fact toxic at the right dose. The amount of these chemicals (or any chemical) in a single dose of a vaccine isn’t enough to be toxic. A person actually eats more arsenic in an apple or more formaldehyde in a pear than they would get from a vaccine dose. Remember, when it comes to chemicals – nothing is ever “chemical-free”, and it’s not the chemical that is dangerous, it’s the dose. Trust the science and the chemists who know each chemical and at which dose it is harmful.

Natural immunity is better than a vaccine.

No. Natural immunity to many common, dangerous illness that are typically mitigated through vaccination is not something you want. Becoming naturally immune to measles means you may have to live with infertility. Natural immunity to COVID, may mean you live with neurological or cardiovascular disadvantages the rest of your life. Natural immunity to chicken pox may mean you suffer from Shingles when you’re an adult. Natural immunity to polio may mean you no longer have the use of your legs. This natural immunity also means that while you’re sick, you’re spreading a dangerous disease to your friends, family, and community. Vaccines help you build immunity without risking life.

Vaccines cause autism.

I can’t believe this is still around. Millions of dollars have been spent debunking this doozy. There is unequivocally zero evidence (and hundreds of studies) that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that autism is not caused by vaccination. Unfortunately, many well-liked celebrities profited from these statements. The physician who originally made the claim no longer has a medical license.

When it comes to vaccination, leave the research to the professionals (you know, those people who have spent their whole careers studying vaccines and contagious diseases) and stay out of the comment section. If you have concerns or questions about vaccines, always reach out to a medical professional. The providers at MacArthur Medical Center Pediatrics will take time to help you understand why vaccines really are a good idea, and help you navigate common misconceptions.

Written by Erin Cox, Practice Manager at MacArthur Medical Center, reviewed by Dr. Nehal Shah.

Blog Author: Erin Cox- Practice Manager 

Main Blog Photo By: Eugene Zvonkov


Hope for Covid Long Haulers at Washington University

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Dallas County Residents Can Now Schedule a Same-Day Covid-19 Vaccine

Dallas County Health and Human Services say it’s time to stop playing the game show “Who can get a vaccine today?” Dallas County residents now schedule a same-day or next-day appointment thanks to the launch of the COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduler.

After completing a brief screening questionnaire, residents may book their own Covid-19 vaccine appointment at the Dallas Fair Park Community Vaccination Center. The country has increased its available supply of messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, making the wait system unnecessary.

Over the past few months, many Dallas Fort Worth residents have been frustrated over the long waiting period and effort required to find an available vaccine. This self-scheduling program should reduce the wait time, improve efficiency and increase vaccine access throughout the Metroplex.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said in a press release, “There is plenty of vaccines. What’s stopping you from getting yours this week?”

Residents who are 55 and older do not need an appointment to get their Covid-19 vaccine. Those who meet the age requirements may bring a photo ID to Gates 2 and 10 during regular operating hours. The full calendar with operations hours is listed here.

Photo: Sanja Radin Istock/Getty Images 

Dallas County continues to set the bar high through its efforts to ensure equitable vaccine access. The County partnered with the Office of Emergency Management to offer the Covid-19 vaccine to homebound residents who cannot physically get to a vaccine site. Many older adults and people with disabilities face challenges finding access to Covid-19 vaccination. The Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) and Meals on Wheels programs will bring Covid-19 vaccines to the homes of our city’s senior and most vulnerable population.

The FDA-approved Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are currently in use, offering 95% protection against Covid-19. The Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna use messenger RNA (mRNA). A single strand of mRNA delivers instructions to human cells to produce an antibody against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

The Moderna vaccine is approved for those 18 years old and up. The Pfizer vaccine is approved starting at age 16. Both vaccines are highly effective in preventing death

The CDC and FDA hit the pause button on the Janssen/Johnson and Johnson vaccine on April 14 after six cases of a rare clotting disorder have been identified out of the 6.8 million US doses given. This news comes as the single-dose vaccine is in short supply due to a Baltimore facility’s manufacturing problems.

Source: FDA

The CDC convened a meeting on Wednesday, April 15, with the Advisory Committee on Immunization to determine the next steps. The US is addressing concerns for a potential link between the vaccine and rare clotting disorders seriously. The committee plans to continue the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause until more research and data analytics can be done.

Many fear this move by the FDA and CDC may increase vaccine hesitancy. Others highlight the transparency and quick action should inspire public confidence by the regulatory agencies. Despite the Johnson and Johnson setback, The US has enough supply of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine to provide coverage for any adult who wants it.

Many vaccine-hesitant individuals express fears over the vaccine approval process. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a strict protocol for vaccine approval. Enough data to qualify for emergency use authorization of the Covid-19 vaccines was made possible because of the substantial $10 billion financial investment combined with the virus’s high prevalence worldwide. The FDA did not rush the vaccine approval. It was well-funded, and there were a massive number of trial candidates.

An effective vaccine is only useful if people get it.

Thanks to the Dallas County Health and Human Services department, residents will be able to get the protection they need.

Resident can book a Covid-19 vaccine appointment in Dallas here or call 1-888-IMMUNE9.

Article originally published by Newsbreak.

Blog Author: Dr. Jeff Livingston 

Main Blog Photo By: Dallas County Health Services

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