The Two-Year Old Rule

I’m often asked by my patients whether they can eat certain foods, drink alcohol, be around people who smoke or smoke themselves, etc.  Whenever I’m asked these questions, I apply what I call the “Two-year old rule.”  I ask the patient to imagine that their baby is already born and is two years old, sitting in a high chair.  Then I ask the question, “would you give the food, drink or cigarette to your two year old?”  Usually the answer is a chuckle and “no”.  Then I explain that a woman who is pregnant should assume that anything she puts into her body would probably make it to her baby.

When talking about foods, two important questions to ask are; is it healthy for the woman and her baby and, is there any chance of it making them sick?  Take ‘junk food’ for example.  While tasty, there is generally a lot of sugar and/or fat with little in the way of nutritional value (i.e. protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.).  I get the part about it being tasty, but why waste a meal on something that is only going to grow your hips and not your baby?  Another food category is uncooked or raw foods such as raw seafood or meat.  Eating these can increase your risk for food-borne illness. Besides making you very sick, even worse than bad morning-sickness sick; the bacteria can make your baby sick as well.  So save the sushi for after you deliver, and wash your hands really well when cooking with raw meat.

Next is alcohol.  We don’t know of a “safe” amount of alcohol that a pregnant woman can ingest and not harm her baby.  We know that ingesting an ounce of alcohol a day (1 glass of wine, 1 beer, or 1 shot) significantly increases a women’s risk of her baby having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  There is also some newer research that suggests this risk is present at even lower amounts of alcohol consumption.  So again, if you wouldn’t give a shot, beer or glass of wine to a 2 year old (and you shouldn’t) then don’t give them to your baby when you’re pregnant.

Then there is caffeine.  Found in all sorts of yummy things: coffee, tea, soda and … CHOCOLATE!  According to the March of Dimes, pregnant women should limit their caffeine intake to less than 200mg a day, which is about 1 twelve-ounce cup of coffee.  Milk chocolate has around 7mg of caffeine per ounce, and dark chocolate about 20mg per ounce but they also come with a lot of sugar (remember those hips).

Finally, there is smoking.  Short answer: DON’T.  I know that it is hard to quit (nicotine is more physically addictive than cocaine), but do it for yourself and your baby.  Again, the two-year old analogy: would you leave a two year old next to the tail pipe of a running car?  Basically it’s the same stuff as cigarette smoke.  Smoking increases your risks of preterm delivery, low birth-weight baby, and a baby with increased chances of having SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), asthma, learning disabilities and other issues.  I’ll stop my rant about smoking for now, but here is a website with some helpful quit-smoking advice:

So while you are pregnant, just think ahead to when your little one is two, sitting in a high chair, covered in strained peas and carrots… I mean, sitting there like an angel daintily eating cheerios with their fingers, and be glad that you made those healthy choices during your pregnancy.

Scholarship in Memory of Dr. David Wollenman

Dr. David Wollenman was an icon for obstetrics and gynecology here in Irving, TX for over 33 years and brought over 7000 babies into this world. He brought cutting edge surgical techniques to Irving that he learned through experience and at continuing education programs. It was largely due to his influence that we have many of the continuing education goals and current practices here in Irving. He passed from this world in July 2011 after battling against an aggressive form of brain cancer. Because of his love for the Irving area, the medical field, continuing education and medical advancements, and just because of the person he was, MacArthur OB/GYN is honored to sponsor a scholarship in his memory.

The scholarship is awarded to an Irving ISD graduating senior with academic achievement with an emphasis in math and science and current or previous participation in a teen pregnancy program. This year, the scholarship was awarded to Jennifer Consuelo-Martinez.

Jennifer attends Jack E. Singley Academy and will be graduating in the top ten percent of her class. She plans on attending college after graduation and wants to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement or Criminology.  She also hopes to work with the Irving Police Department while in college. After finishing college, she is planning on enrolling in the police academy and continuing her journey to becoming a police officer.

The road here has not been easy for Jennifer, but she has done a great job. Living in a single parent home with limited resources for most of her life, she has fought the odds and done well. Her biggest challenge, and where she has shined the most, has been in her becoming a teen mother. Her daughter is precious to her and she wants to be a role model for her. She gives much credit to the Irving TAPPS program in helping to guide her with the day to day needs for her as a mother and for her baby.  She credits TAPPS with helping her become a good mother and helping her to stay on track towards reaching her goals.

Jennifer has been involved with many school activities in addition to taking care of her daughter. She elected president of the Criminal Justice club and the captain for her police explorer post. Over the last 4 years, she’s done more than 300 hours of community service including career day with elementary schools, feeding the homeless, helping Army Veterans, Big Brothers and Sisters, police training, crime watch parties, and even dressing up as McGruff the crime stopping dog. Jennifer thinks of others first and seeing a smile on other peoples’ faces really makes her day.

Dr. Wollenman is the reason I ended up here in Irving, so he has forever impacted my life. He was a mentor to me and to many, and I can’t say enough great things about him. I am so grateful to have known him. He would have been happy to know and see Jennifer get this award and to help her get closer to her goals.  I too am proud of this wonderful young lady and am happy that MacArthur OB/GYN has been able to give her this scholarship, while honoring Dr. John David Wollenman.