No One Likes Taking Birth Control

We just like sex more than abstinence

Every day I discuss contraception with patients. While some want contraception for specific beneficial side effects like lighter periods or hormonal balance, more often than not, patients request birth control to prevent pregnancy. Read more

Long-Acting Birth Control Puts You in Control of Your Body

Empower your sexuality with knowledge

Are you ready for diaper changes, midnight feedings, and a lifetime commitment to raising a child? If the answer is no, then it is time to educate yourself on birth control options. Read more

Your Morning Routine Can Change Your Life Tomorrow

Thank you, Hal Elrod, for waking me up to a new perspective

Snooze button. Snooze button again.

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I Celebrate My Kids’ Successes — and Their Misses

The score was 19–16. There were 18 seconds to go, and our team had the ball. The point guard dribbled up the sideline and saw you wide open on the three-point line. You caught the ball, squared up, and took the shot…and missed.

Game over.

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No-One Wants a Pap Smear but It Can Save Your Life

A simple explanation of pap smears and HPV testing

More than 13,000 US women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. In most cases, this disease is preventable through vaccination and proper screening. Read more