Control de la natalidad y contracepcion

¿Ya no desea más hijos? ¿Está completa su familia? ¿Está cansado de lidiar con el control de la natalidad? ¿Sabía que hay una opción permanente donde usted puede tomar el control y no preocuparse por volver a quedar embarazada?



    Nexplanon is simple and easy with 3 year protection.

    Birth Control Options

    A great video of Dr. Livingston covering lots of different birth control options.

    The Power of One

    You Got Pregnant, What’s Next? How To Beat The Odds And Live A Successful Life

    Dr. Jeff MacArthur Inspires Young Women Who Are Dealing With Unplanned Pregnancy

    Your life has a ripple effect. You can make choices today that set you on the path for happiness, success and an abundant life.

    Our lives are like a ripple effect. One action can make a big impact. We all have the power to make choices that affect not just ourselves but all those around us, including our future family. With our one life, let us make good choices.

    Being A Dad

    Dad’s You Are The Model For Your Kids

    Dr. Jeff Livingston shares life-changing and amazing truths for young dads.

    The greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life was becoming a father. It is magical. It is amazing.

    Fathers, you are the model for your kids. They watch everything you do. They watch how you greet your girlfriend or wife, how you work, how you dress and how you talk.