Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Are a Massive Pain in the Butt

A patient’s journey from hemorrhoids to healing

No-one talks about hemorrhoids, yet many people suffer their misery.

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The Impact of E-Cigarette Use on Our Children

What parents need to know about vaping

“Vaping,” is commonly used to describe the use of electronic cigarettes. Kids are vaping. Read more

Better Care is Needed for Postpartum Depression

A doctor learns to ask the right questions to help patients get the help they deserve.

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Plan B Is Not an Abortion Pill

Understanding emergency contraception

Dear politicians, health policymakers, reporters, and highly-opinionated social media friends. Plan B is not an abortion pill. Stop calling it that. Read more

Never Feel Ashamed or Afraid to Speak up About Postpartum Depression

We all must pay attention to get women the help they deserve

Postpartum depression is real. We can no longer ignore perinatal depression and anxiety disorders. Our moms deserve better. Moms suffering from postpartum depression must come out of the shadows and get the treatment they deserve.

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Is It Normal To Itch All Over In Pregnancy?

My entire body itches and I can not stop scratching

“My hands itch. My feet itch. Even my hair even itches.”

We hear these words from pregnant women. Itching in pregnancy is very common. Many pregnant women stress out, wondering if itching is normal or a sign of danger for the baby. Read more

What You Should Do to Stop Sex From Hurting After Menopause

Tips to fix vaginal dryness for good

Sex does not have to hurt

Pleasurable sex after menopause is within your grasp. Vaginal burning and irritation after sex are not acceptable. Read more