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What’s On Your Pizza?

Pizza…the great American food…and a very popular one. Are they healthy? They certainly can be. Pizza can also be very damaging to the waist line if you are not vigilant.

Over the last couple of years our family has been constructing their pizzas. I buy either the whole grain Boboli pizza crust or an Italian flat bread. The one thing that really sticks out in my mind is coming home from work one evening and finding my children standing around the kitchen island discussing ways to “make a better  pizza”. They were helping each other and offering advice. Each little individual pizza was custom made to suit each personality. Pizza making helps incorporate your children in meal preparation and allows them to be creative at the same time. My daughter now eats bell peppers and onions which she did not do prior to experimenting with various item choices. The end result was a great time for all and a healthy meal.

Read the label on your choice of crust if you are watching your carbohydrate servings.

Here is my pizza. What do you put on yours? Can you guess what I put on mine? How many items do you think came from my garden?