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Vaccine Refusal Will End When Businesses Start Telling People No

Marketplace solutions, not government actions, will likely get us to herd immunity. Read more

Join the #vaccinechallenge

One by one, our MacArthur Medical Center providers are protecting themselves, their patients, and their communities by getting the Covid-Vaccine. Read more

Quilting Angels – Massive Mask Mission to Save Lives

Quilting Angels Fidget Quilts have donated over 6000 masks to the DFW area. Read more

A Labor and Delivery Nurse Finds Peace During the COVID Crisis

A small gift from a patient reminds a nurse what matters. Read more

How the Quilting Angels Senior Citizens Group Made 5,700 Masks to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Massive Mask Mission to Save Lives. Read more

Clínicas buscan apoyo con mascarillas para pacientes

La Doctora Arguello explica en Telemundo 39 la importancia y la necesidad de máscarillas o tapabocas para los pacientes. Read more