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Vaccine Refusal Will End When Businesses Start Telling People No

Marketplace solutions, not government actions, will likely get us to herd immunity. Read more

Join the #vaccinechallenge

One by one, our MacArthur Medical Center providers are protecting themselves, their patients, and their communities by getting the Covid-Vaccine. Read more

Quilting Angels – Massive Mask Mission to Save Lives

Quilting Angels Fidget Quilts have donated over 6000 masks to the DFW area. Read more

How the Quilting Angels Senior Citizens Group Made 5,700 Masks to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Massive Mask Mission to Save Lives. Read more

Clínicas buscan apoyo con mascarillas para pacientes

La Doctora Arguello explica en Telemundo 39 la importancia y la necesidad de máscarillas o tapabocas para los pacientes. Read more