Life-Saving Potential of EHRs Already a Realization

With all of the hoopla regarding how electronic heath records enable providers to earn incentive payments, it’s heartening to read Health Affairs’ new study that indicates meeting the computerized physician order entry (CPOE) standards for meaningful use may reduce the number of inpatient deaths due to heart attack or failure. Read more »

Meaningful Use Readiness Center

Dr. Jeff Livingston of MacArthur OB/GYN has been in private practice for 8 years. In June 2011, the clinic of seven doctors underwent the successful attestation for Stage 1 of Meaningful Use in which the practice secured $148,000 in federal incentive payments. Read more »

Surprise. It’s a…

Are you having a boy or girl? This is one of the standard questions people ask a pregnant lady. Everyone asks. It has become a kind of conversation starter. It’s not that the stranger in the grocery store really cares, but it just seems like natural thing to say. It’s part of the standard questions we ask pregnant women. How far along are you? Is there just one? When are you due? People get excited about pregnancy and want to share the experience. Read more from Texas Health Moms »

Is There A Doctor Online? Marketing In A Regulated Industry

In 2004, Jeffrey Livingston observed his daughter using MySpace and was curious about her interactions. The Irving, Texas-based obstetrician-gynecologist asked his daughter to show him the functionality, “and then the lightbulb went off,” he explained. “I realized at that moment that I needed to speak to teenagers in the way they communicate.” Read more »

Social Media Savvy Doctors

Doctor-patient relationships no longer stop at exam room walls. Medical communication is being transformed. Doctors are tweeting. Patients are posting to medical practices’ Facebook walls. Medicine has entered the world of social media.

Dr. Jeff Livingston at MacArthur OB-GYN in Irving, Texas, uses Facebook and Twitter to share the latest health news with his patients. When Livingston comes across an interesting health-related article, he shares it on the social sites. Post topics range from breastfeeding and weight loss to medication updates. The reason: Informed patients engage in higher-level discussions during exams, he says. And that means time is well spent. Read more »

Good Morning Texas featuring the da Vinci® Surgical System

Watch Good Morning Texas on WFAA Channel 8 as Dr. Livingston discusses the benefits of the da Vinci® Surgical System, as opposed to the traditional procedures used in previous years, enabling patients to return to normal activity in a shorter period of time.

Health 2.0: Can you have a doctor visit on Facebook?

The world of online health communities is morphing and evolving even as we sit here at our keyboards and google “flu symptoms” then tweet that we’ve got a cold. So what IS emerging from the cutting edge of online health communities? How do they differ and what do they have in common? The Health 2.0 conference presented an impressive array of new online breakout health community models. You can get the run-down on them all here. Check it out:

In Irving, Texas, Dr. Jeff Livingston is an Ob-Gyn who has been using MySpace to connect with pregnant teen patients. Now he has a Facebook HIPPA-compliant portal on a page for MacArthur Ob-Gyn. His practice is reaching patients through a variety of multi-media approaches. Patients can talk to him through Facebook. While his patients wait for their exam, they can watch educational videos. So what do his patients think of this? His teen patients say “how are you going to ignore a message, when you see it on Twitter, and on Facebook. This gives you a better way to connect with your doctor, rather than when you just see him face-to-face.” Read more »

Some Doctors Join Facebook, Twitter; Others Wary

Go into any obstetrician/gynecologist’s office and you’re likely to see a large bulletin board covered with snapshots of babies.

But the docs at one Irving, Texas, OB/GYN practice have taken that ubiquitous display of cute kids into the 21st century. Their patients can post photos on the MacArthur OB/GYN Facebook page, where the doctors post news about their practice and the medical world at large. It has more than 600 fans.

Jeff Livingston, who spearheaded the practice’s venture into social media, also manages the @macobgyn Twitter account, which has about 1,600 followers. He sees Facebook as an educational and, perhaps just as important, marketing tool. “People are looking for information online,” Livingston says. “I wanted them to look at our page.” Read more »

Getting Social with Your Doctor 24/7

At seven months pregnant, Kristen Ballard is one of the nearly 19,000 patients at the MacArthur OB/GYN clinic in Irving.

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, they said I needed to see a specialist and they recommended him [Dr. Jeff Livingston] and I”ve been with him ever since,” said Ballard.

But, despite the size of the practice, Ballard said she doesn’t feel like just a number.

“I can ask any questions, at any time. I’ve actually emailed at 1 in the morning,” laughed Ballard. Read more »

Patients Speed-Dating for Doctors

Texas Health Harris Methodist is putting potential patients in a room full of doctors giving them a chance to build a relationship with someone who could be their new doctor and answer questions they may have “rather than picking their name out of a book” and actually get to know them. Dr. Sakovich is interviewed by NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth as he participates in the Doc Shop. Watch the video »