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Gardasil-9: The Facts

What is Gardasil-9?

Gardasil-9 is the newest HPV vaccination on the market. It now provides protection against 9 high-risk types of Human Papilloma Virus (16, 18, 6, 11, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58).

What is Human Papilloma Virus?

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. 75-80% of males and females will be exposed to HPV during their lifetime. Many people clear this virus on their own, however, in certain people, the virus is not cleared and can lead to certain types of cancers (cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal) and can also cause genital warts. While there are over 40 different strains of HPV, only about 12 are considered high-risk.

Wasn’t there already a vaccine for HPV?

Yes! The previous vaccination, Gardasil, has helped provide protection against 4 high risk types of HPV (16, 18, 6, and 11). While this has been very helpful at decreasing people’s risk for cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal cancers, the newest vaccination now provides protection against an additional 5 strains!

So what’s the big deal about 5 more strains?

The new vaccination provides protection against 20% of cervical cancers not covered by the previous vaccine.

So how can I get the vaccination?

The Gardasil-9 is now being offered at MacArthur Medical Center. It has been approved for females AND males ages 9-26. It is given in 3 doses with the second and third 2 and 6 months out, respectively. Come in today and ask your doctor about protecting yourself against cervical cancer!