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Common Methods of Inducing Labor During Pregnancy

Labor induction methods do not work for everyone, and here’s why. Read more

Dallas Rep Toni Rose Fights for Medicaid Extension After Having a Baby

Her Texas Bill extends Medicaid coverage for one year postpartum. Read more

Artificial Intelligence Company Helps IVF Patients Get Pregnant

About 6.1 million couples in the United and over 150 million worldwide struggle with infertility. An Australian Femtech company with US headquarters in San Francisco announced new technology to help couples get pregnant via artificial intelligence-assisted in vitro fertilization (IVF). Read more

New Study Shows Covid-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy Are Safe for Mom and Baby

CDC director recommends pregnant people get vaccinated. Read more

Answering Embarrassing Pregnancy Questions

Answering embarrassing pregnancy questions and why your healthcare provider doesn’t care if you shave.

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When You Shouldn’t Share Your Birth Story With a Pregnant Woman

When You Shouldn’t Share Your Birth Story With a Pregnant Woman. Laboring women need support, not horror stories. Read more

Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy; A Faster Return to Normal Life

An Obgyn explains this surgical procedure. Read more

Covid-19 Moms Are at Higher Risk for ICU Admission and Complications

An OB-GYN reviews the latest coronavirus research in pregnancy. Read more