Don’t Miss Out! A Biologist Explains Antibodies through Rap Music

A scientist shows us how to make science fun.

Antibodies are all the rage these days. As Covid-19 vaccines come to market, many want to understand how immunity works. Scientists and health writers struggle to find ways to make these topics accessible and exciting.

This morning my Twitter feed blessed me with an outstanding video from Raven Baxter AKA Raven the Science Maven. Her video provides a fantastic explanation of immunology. The best part is she teaches us through rap music.

She walks us through the various types of antibodies and explains B cells as “B cells know the haters when they see them, so it’s fight night.” And how can you not love a lyric like “NK natural killers makin’ haters going night night”?

Baxter is an American molecular biologist and science communicator. She is a doctoral student at the University of Buffalo and the founder of STEMbassy, an organization dedicated to high-level science and technology discussions in politics, culture, and social issues. She is also the founder of Black In Science Communication.

We need more scientific leaders using social media tools and creative approaches to educate the public.

Science is fun!

Thank you for reminding us Raven the Maven.

Image CC: Twitter @ravenscimaven

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